i am thankful for...

...aveeno body wash with pomegranate because really there is nothing better to wake up to in the mornings, or evening...or every other day.  i should really shower more.

...the christmas season, because people are kinder and kids are brattier (just kidding!).  the christmas trees and all the sparkles around can't help but put you in a good mood.

...my engagement ring.  something that i never thought i would have, and more importantly, what it represents.

...my sweet parents who every day i am more and more thankful for them.  and the older i get, i realize more and more what a tough job i have ahead of me.  but know i learned from the best.

...the kindle iphone app because more than likely i have my phone with me at all times which in turn ensures that i also always have a book with me at all times.  but it can never replace the smell and feel of a great book.

...lamps.  because they just make rooms better.  they do.

...ray lamontagne.  because when he sings all is right with the world.  and if you don't believe me or know his name,  buy yourself an early christmas present.

...my job.  because every day i get to get up and go to work with three little people that i love spending time with, and get to have conversations that are so entertaining i laugh for days.  every day i am blessed to have found such a wonderful family that i get to call mine...kinda.

...finding a RECEPTION VENUE so i will not have to be admitted to the nut house.  and you think i am kidding, and being sarcastic.  i am not.  i heart me some kentucky downs.  never head of it until last saturday, but today i am their biggest fan.

...pajamas after a long day.  ain't nothing better.  and my old brown jackson hole sweatshirt.

...music on vinyl.  because it is just better, crisp and warm.  (and when brad reads this he will be so happy he proposed to me!)

...brad.  because every day i feel like the luckiest girl in the world because he is making the life that i always dreamed, prayed for and wanted our reality.  and thankful and loved doesn't begin to describe it.

this thanksgiving i have so much to be thankful for, and this list doesn't even cover the half of it.  because every day in every way i am thankful.  blessed.  loved.  cherished.

happy tuesday before thanksgiving!  
what are you thankful for this tuesday?

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