it snowed in east nashville this weekend.

after many ladders, lights and laughter - we finally have the house decorated!
it was a looooooooooooooong weekend, but i thought it turned out nicely.  i am pleased with the end result, i have to say.  what do you think?

snow?  snow?  yes, it snowed in east nashville this weekend.  it did.  i realize all the other areas of nashville were seventy degrees, but we got blasted with a snow storm.  

or i might have stolen this picture from the pages of pottery barn.  

but wouldn't it be cool, if i did THAT this weekend?  you WOULD be impressed.  since this whole blog is a lie, i will go ahead and tell you what the ornaments on the inside of the house look like.  my house, remember?
it's no big deal really.  just call me ms. pottery barn.

or not.

because this is what really happened this weekend.

we all know that i have a very small living space.  like the size of a dollhouse, only smaller.  my tree, on the other hand is the perfect tree for a gargantuan house.  last year we worked it out.  me and my tree.  this year, well... 

earlier on sunday, me and my fella were at walgreens getting some deep oil treatments for my hair because it is strugglin' and brides are suppose to have pretty hair, so i am trying to do my part.  

thank you V05.

i just happened upon this 6'' tree for $19.99. 

$19.99 i say!  yes, it did look like charlie brown might have picked it out himself, but i thought he needed a home (and also when brad and i have a HOME we can have TWO TREES!)  

he knows he is lucky.  he does.  two trees!

so here is charlie brown meets jessica morrison.  

how'd we do.  me and charlie?
he's a thin one, but we can't all be fat and fluffy, santa.

merry christmas to all and to all a goodnight.

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