engagement ring fiasco.

that title was really to just draw you in.  to a normal person there would be no fiasco.

i am not normal.  you already know this.

what i am is visual and detail oriented.  this might prove to be a negative trait at this here wedding i am planning.

brad proposed on the beaches of north carolina.  it was perfection.  the wind was blowing my hair just right.  oh wait, it was in a pony tail.  my dress was blowing in the breeze, and then the next thing i know he was holding my hand and down on one knee asking me to be his forever.  

the night was bliss, we went to dinner, talked about our life together, argued over what we will name our children.  my names were all better.  so so much better.  don't tell him i said that.  bliss.  it was the perfect night until...

i was getting ready for bed and i wanted to take my ring off and put it in the box.  

"hey brad, where's the box?"

"the box?"

"yeah, the ring box."

"all i got was this little bag."

and then he showed me a bag a little smaller than a zip lock that looked like it had held stories and other rings for the last ten years.  

"you didn't get A BOX???"

then he explained that because i had his car the day before we left for our trip, he had to call our friend who sold him the ring and ask him to deliver the ring to his work because he was without a car for the day.  and the bag is how he delivered the ring.  the poor little beat up bag.  so for the next two days until he proposed he had the ring in the pocket of his pants in the little beat up bag.

"you didn't get a BOX? but you PAID for a BOX?"

this is the girl that he just proposed to.  she has a diamond on her finger and she wants a box.  she needs a box.  bad, real bad.

so since the night of october twenty seventh, every day i have mentioned needing a box.  every time i see michael, our friend who sold him the ring, i give him a hard time about his delivery methods and give him an even harder time that i do not have a box with my ring.  

every day.  i need a box.  i need a box.  every day.  and every day i have been promised a box.

today when brad got home from work,  he came upstairs to where i was cooking pizza and he said, "close your eyes and hold out your hands.  i have something for you."

last time he said that is when he proposed.  so i was naturally expecting another diamond of some sort.  

i said, "last time you said this, it worked out well for me!"

i closed my eyes (for real, since i cheated last time) and held out my hand and when i opened them
this is what i saw.

it was like engagement day all over.

he even got me a cute little bag.

man, i love that guy.

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