sun'dy choir.

sunday my BFF's little girl was singing at church.  she was a former shy girl turned show girl and is all choir clad now.  she even mentioned to me sunday she might be trying out for "annie."  i can't wait.

i tried out for gretel in the sound of music at our community theatre in clarksville a LONG, LONG time ago.  i didn't get it.  but that auditioning thing was nerve racking.

anyway.  this is not about me and my failed attempt at stardom.

she was singing sunday and i came to watch.  her mom texted me before hand and said "no camera."  because she knows me well. so i listened to her and left me camera at home.

but while she was focused on her girl singing...

i may have gotten my iphone out of my purse.
and i may have had to take a few shots.

listening is not a skill i possess.

and i'm not even sorry.

if i could have only talked father time, sleeping blond boy and brunette with glasses to move, the shot would have been almost perfect.

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