going to the chapel: chapter 10

don't cry for me, argentina.

1.  because....tickets are booked and we are headed to maui, hawaii come april third for a week of fun in the sun.  no cell phones, no internet, nothing...well, maybe i can find a cabana that has internet so i can write to tell you how much fun we are having.  how many pictures i have taken and how many LOST filming sites we have found.  also, i will tell you about how much fun brad had while we (hold up...DID i type "we"), HE, skydives.  i will also tell you how much fun I had while my feet were planted firmly on the ground.  who else will take his picture?  it's just the beginning of me being a good wife.

snap, snap, smile for the camera...watch out for that parachute...brad, BRAD...over here, SMILE!  man, i got this, no problem.  you can thank me later for the outstanding pictures i will have of this.

2.  anybody know a wedding photographer?  or a photographer?  or someone with a camera really?  i would like to think that i could take my own pictures, because i like to pretend that i am a professional.  but i have been told more than once on more than one occasion that i can not, so i guess i will listen.  that does not mean i won't try...

seriously?  the budget is low, and we need a photographer asap.  here is what i can offer, i can return the favor, if you would want to shoot our wedding, i would love to return the favor and shoot yours or if you are married and need a baby, family shoot or both...whatever...i am your girl and would be happy to do it.  let me know, i am interested if you are.

3.  i am in the process of writing about all my bridesmaids...i have already written about lori and bessie, so keep reading and you will know a little more about each girl that you see standing with me that day as i say "i do."

4.  did i mention that we are getting married in TN and then having the reception in KY?  did i also mention that there will BINGO across the hall until 9 pm the night we get married.  i am thinking, the catering bill just went waaaaaaaaaay down, because i think we might loose all our guest to BINGO.  heck, we might could win some money for the honeymoon.  oh yeah!  massages thanks to B-I-N-G-O.  i like the way that sounds, uh huh, i do.

5. yesterday i bought enough lanterns to light the world.  not really, but seems that way. they are copper and cool and look all old and antique.  i think they will be perfection.

6. and i started the process of invitations. yay!  they are the coolest things around and by far, the coolest invites i have seen. i can't wait to see them with mine and brads name on those things. and i can't wait to tell brad he gets to stuff the envelopes, lick the sticky and place the stamps like so...  (just kidding brad!...i'll do the stamps!)

exciting stuff!  hurry up april second.

i guess i need to call my brother soon and tell (ask) him that i am going to need 24 slabs of wood for the tables.  he's gonna think i have lost my mind.

have i lost my mind?

don't tell brad.  pretty please?

besides, he already knows.

bless his heart.


Peyton D said...

if i could, i would be the photographer.

jessica said...

you FOR SURE need to bring your video camera! you can record everything and then make a film of our day! that would be awesome! you would be so good at that!

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