we broke up.

we did.

and it's okay.  actually it's better.

for me though, the beginning was the hardest.  now though, i'm over it.

completely.  over.  it.

because i what i could not see them, but what i see now is the fulfillment that we needed, but could not find in each other.

because for the past seven or so years, we were in an exclusive relationship.  we did everything together.  me, lori and bessie.  if one was there, the other two were on their way or wanted to be there.  we lived life together, spent our free time together and grew up together.  

a lot of people have friends, but a lot of people do not have friends like lori and bessie.  every day i am blessed more and more because they are in my life.  they have seen me weep, they have seen me laugh to tears, they have seen me at my sickest and my happiest.  we have been each others strong place to fall, they have always had my back and i theirs.

just the other day on the barbara walters special on ABC, she interviewed oprah since she is now in her farewell season, when asked oprah about gayle king, her best friend - this is what oprah said, 
"she has always been happier for me in everything that has ever happened to me.  she is the mother i never had, she is the sister everybody would want, she is the friend that everybody deserves.  i don't know a better person.  i don't know a better person."
i have a lot of friends, a lot of really good friends, i am blessed, that is for certain.  but everyone in their life time should be blessed to have at the least two amazing friends that i found when i met bessie and lori.

we were roommates for a LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time, now we all have our own places.  i am engaged (as you all already know) to marry the best guy ever and they are both in loving and fulfilling relationships.  what used to be three peas in a pod has turned to six (plus one); not only do we have a friendship in each other, but now we have boys to add to the mix and more love to go around.

once when mik was smaller and we were on a road trip, we were all talking about the GPS system that lori had in her car.  we were discussing the male verses female voice that you can set the voice to, lori stated that her dad liked the female voice and then we (lori, bessie and myself) said that we all liked the male voice, mik without missing a beat said, "yeah, that's because we don't have any mans in our house!"

well, we may not live together anymore, but we have added three mans to the fold...mines a keeper, we'll see about the other two... (boys, are you reading this???)

seriously though, lori and bessie...blessed i am to be their friend.  i must have found extra favor in god's eyes when he gave me the gift of lori and bessie in my life.

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