memories of christmas 2010.

in tennessee this year, we got a surprise on christmas morning.  
shut up!
 i know, i know...look, its white on the trees...and that white is snow
snow (even a speck) + christmas = white christmas.
which also made it a tender tennessee christmas, as well, thank you very much amy grant.
 this christmas was different for me, i have never been not with my family on christmas day.
this year, i was not with my family, i was with my new family.  brad and i saw my parents on christmas eve, but traveled to his parents later in the day - so we could be with his family on christmas morning.
 and as much as i have dreamed of this day (having another family to love, my husbands)
i missed my parents, the routine of it all.  i missed them.
but what i felt in the home of brads parents was love and inclusion.
they made me feel a part and made christmas even more special for me than it already is, 
i am incredibly blessed to have fallen in love with brad and he with me
and have a family to share it all with...
it was a beautiful christmas.
 and when we came from the theatre on christmas night, this is what we found...
a whole lotta snow, and there is nothing like snow on christmas that makes you 
happier.  i mean, snow on christmas!
how awesome is that?
if i was paris hilton, i would say "loves it!"
(sorry for that.)
 this was my last christmas as a single girl.
last christmas as a morrison.
 and every day, but especially at christmas, i felt so loved, wanted and needed.
a feeling that i have longed for my entire life. evidenced above, brad's a genius.  
that's why i'm really marrying him.

twas a good christmas.

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