going to the chapel: chapter 12

i asked bubba to walk me down the isle.  i was contemplating dad vs bubba, dad vs. bubba since we got engaged.

bubba = my brother (just in case you're confused)  
or just in case you are imagining a big red neck with straw hanging out of his mouth and only one buckle buckled to his overalls.  just to give him a little credit, his christian name is not bubba, it's trampas.  mom got it from a western, because i know your next question was "where did your mom get that name?"  i am the only person that calls him bubba.  most people call him TR or trampas, or travis...bless their heart.

here's some facts about my bubba:

- he is one of the kindest people you will ever meet.
- he is twelve years older than me, which makes him OLD.
- he has three children that are like my brothers.
- he has never walked anyone down the isle before.
- he is pretty shy.
- he has an awesome singing voice.  i think three people have heard it.
- he loves him some michael buble.  loves the man.
- and frank sinatra.
- and he is a master mechanic
- and he loves all things computer.
- i once gave him my computer to fix, and he never gave it back.  that's a true story.
- when i was five, he told his friend timmy to sign my annual "to a little brat named jessica" and he did.

i think he is just the man for the job.  my dad's walking days are sometimes good and really bad.  and lord only knows that i might have a hard time walking come april second, so between me and dad...someone might end up falling.  bubba is excellent on his feet, so i think he is just the man for the job.

my plan if dad is having a good day, is bubba will walk me to dad on the front row and then dad will take it from there.  if dads having a bad day, then we will just walk to dad and dad can do his thing from his seat.  because i'm easy like that.

i am excited to have bubba play a big part in the wedding day.
{don't tell him he might have to stand in on the first dance...maybe i should make the song by michael buble just incase...}

p.s. invitations ordered AND tablecloths.  watch out world, there's goings to be a weddin...

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