going to the chapel: chapter 11

lordy mercy.

it's almost the new year and wedding planning is abut to go in high gear, because in just a few days...it will be three months until the date.  which means, i have a lot to do.  a lot.

i have all the big things ironed down...just a few collecting of items here and there and i think we will have a wedding on our hands.  hooray.

in the next few week i need to...
iron down (no pun intended) tablecloths for the tables
look and decide on brads ring
talk to my brother about needing some wood (yes, i know...weird)
talk to mom about food. and decide on the menu
get paypal to work correctly so i can order the invites, gotta have those!
get the final two remaining groomsmen to get their attire...they are making me sweat!
email my bridesmaid about hair
music...decisions, decisions...

and get my nails done and my hair cut, because i have gift cards!  that has nothing to do with anything related to wedding wednesdays BUT...i just wanted you to know.  you can thank me later.

i have said since we got engaged that i needed to get my nails done, so my hands would be all pretty like...i have yet to get my nails done.  because i have no time.  but i am doing this...soon.

also, one more thing...
the other night i made shepherds pie for dinner because all brad talks about is the shepherds pie at family wash,  so not to be outdone, i made some myself.  and might i just tell you...it was delicious.  i mean, really really good.  so good, that i am thinking about giving you the recipe.  but just thinking about it...

and easy, it was SO EASY.

i told brad i slaved over it all day, complete with the wiping of the brow. shew.  so if he asks...stick with my story!  okay?

dramatic, i'm not dramatic at all.  why do you ask?

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