two days before christmas...

just in case you were saying, "awwww, lookie there, he has fallen asleep just like a real cowboy, with his hat pulled over his eyes and everything..."
{this was posed}
as soon as he put his cowboy hat and boots on, he said, "look, ms. jessica, this is how cowboys sleep...ughhhh, come on, look...take my picture."
{i obliged.}
thanks partner.
 speaking of partner, here is his partner in crime.  not to be left out, he quickly said, "but but but i can pwetend this...and and take my picture."
{they missed the memo that i prefer candids.}
 double trouble.
this was on their way to have a lunch date with their mom.
they had mexican and greeted everyone they saw with
feliz navidad.  
only they pronounce it felis navida.
 these pictures were taken two days before christmas, and they were beside themselves with glee,
the holiday spirit - they were feeling it - so was their nanny.  shew.

 so we did what you do when you have too much pent up energy and its fourteen degrees outside,
 made cookies, lots and lots of cookies.
after all, we wanted santa to have choices.
from the looks of the pictures i have seen sent via email...
santa must have liked the cookies...

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