angry birds.

its the new year!  resolutions have been made, a new year has started.  i have a move to pack for, a wedding to plan and a full time job to tend to - but the only thing i can seem to accomplish this new year is this
i know, i know.  you are nodding your head all ashamed like and thinking, "what's WRONG with her?"  
i know already.  whatever you do, please don't call me a gamer.  k?
it's *angry birds is what it is.  and i, jessica morrison, have an addiction problem to this game.  it has taken over my life and my year.  if you have an iphone/ipad/itouch, and have not downloaded this app, whatever you do get it as soon as possible for it is awesomely great. do not download it, it will halt productivity in your household to a big fat zero.
 this was not on the new years resolution list.  not even close.
good thing, i beat the game last night  (yeah, i did!!!  oh yeah!!!) so i can get on with my year...good thing it's only three days in...shew.  

this just proves that i have focus and determination.  and those are two traits to be admired, so instead of judging me and calling me a gamer - let's turn this around and think of the hard work i put into this and the focus, drive and determination.  

aren't you so proud of me?


why, thanks!

*and that was a futile attempt to make myself feel less guilty for playing a GAME for forever and letting it take over my existence.  no real birds were hurt in the writing of this blog, although they were angry.  you can stop calling me a gamer now, thanks.

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