the bachelor, monday nights just got better.

so i realize that usually my blogs are deep, down to heart of the matter - thought evoking, life changing non-fiction stories about growing up morrison lane and there after, but today we are going to have to deviate from the norm and go all BACHELOR.

i have only done this once before and it went so well and reeled you in - i thought you might want to go there again.  and you did.  so i did.

you are welcome.

so IT premiered tonight, the bachelor.  and we were ready with our root beer and lemonade on pins and needles watching the clock strike seven.

and then it began.  and brad womack (not be confused with my brad) told us that he had commitment issues, he had a horrible dad and that he had been in intensive therapy for a "long, long time."  his therapist was even interviewed.

so i say, "girls, lighten up on the guy already!"

after all, i was a fan from long ago when he was the bachelor and in the end picked no one.  he did not want to spend his life with either girl. scared or commitment issues aside, he made a wise choice.  he did not promise a girl the world just because he was at the point where he was suppose to do that.  he took the high road.  which made him "the most hated man in america."

really?  don't we feel like that's a weeeee bit dramatic?

the most HATED man.  really?

this is where i should have thrown in my hat and said, "no more, i shall only watch the history channel and HGTV for this is utterly embarrassing that i spend two hours every monday night watching the most dramatic season yet unfold."

but then, every season it starts a new, and there i am indian style on the couch watching and waiting for the roses to be handed out to each and every gal that the bachelor deems worthy of another week.  and not only am i there watching, but now i am committing a whole entire blog post to the guy.  at least i don't have commitment issues.  look at me go.

there are two girls on the show this season that i might have a crush on.  like they are the prettiest girls i have ever seen.  like i kept checking in with (my) brad "you think they are hot, right?"  just making sure he has a pulse, because if you were alive and breathing you would think that these gals were p.r.e.t.t.y.  like really really.

and then there was a vampire too.

and he gave her a rose.

what's this world coming to?

vampires are getting roses on the bachelor and i am blogging about it.

gotta go, i need to go rewind the dvr so i can memorize their names.

until next tuesday...

oh lord.

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