going to the chapel: chapter 13

you've heard from me over and over again, i have told you the pains joys of dress shopping, tablecloth searching and lantern buying.  and let me just tell you - a girl that doesn't have "wedding colors" stresses people out.  when people ask, "so what are you alls (okay, they really say y'alls) colors?" and i say, "well, we don't really have one, just natural colors, the colors found in nature...you know..."  

they don't.  and they look at me like, "obviously, she has never done this before."

i haven't.

last night brad and i got to talking and i thought i would share.  i was recording him...(because he was being interviewed) man, i am going to be in trouble!

good thing he doesn't read my blog every day.

hey brad, what are you most excited about this year?
our wedding.

for real?  what's the second most exciting thing?
probably weezer.

what are you most excited about the day of the wedding?
the honeymoon.

thats not april second.

that's not april second.  i said about the wedding? 
oh!  probably seeing my friends and family there...(staring at me blankly) i mean, aside from getting married itself.

what's the least thing you are not looking forward to?
uh, having to behave and not being myself.

what do you mean by that?
uh, i'm gonna be on kinda of a leash.

(laughing hysterically)  what does that mean?
it means, i'm not allowed to be myself.

why do you feel that way???
because the woman that i am marrying won't let me.

that is sooo not nice.

i just said you can't drink too much.  that's not nice.
striking that from the record, huh?


what are you looking forward to most about our honeymoon?
relaxing for a week and i've never been to hollywood, i mean, hawaii before...

are you looking forward to the week of the wedding?  the planning?  
yeah, sure.

are you lying?
no not at all (eyes sparkling...)

see, we love each other and can't wait for april second to arrive.  less that two months away, can you even believe it?  

yesterday, i was talking to my mom and she was asking me to get together a list of invites for the "clarksville" shower.  one of the little fellas heard me on the phone and heard me say, "who all is coming to the shower?"

he said, "ms. jethica, who are you taking a thower with???"

"oh bud, not a shower, shower.  a party!"

"oh okay.  shew i was worried ms. jethica."

i'm on a tight leash around these parts folks.

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