this is a true story.

i got a tie for christmas.

and i don't work at the cheesecake factory.

and i am a girl.

and the gift was from my mom.

that's a true story.

my dad has never worn a tie a day in his life, so why would she give me a tie?  her only daughter?  she clearly has thought i was a boy all these years.  bummer.

it was brads first christmas at my house.  and we were all opening presents together and being jolly.  i had gotten some cool boots, and grabbed a red sparkly bag with green tissue paper, lifting the tissue paper from the bag, peer in with the eyes of a child and see...

a green tie.

with christmas lights in the fabric.

and a 'press here' button indicator that said "i play music."

i didn't want to embarrass my mom in front of my new fiance, her soon to be son-in-law, so i didn't touch the tie, and quick as a wink put the tissue paper back in the bag and said quietly, "mom, i don't think this one was for me."  she said, "well, honey, what was it?"  quietly i said, "a tie?"

"oh, no, that's for you!  i got me one too!  it plays music...get it out!  show it to brad."

i tucked my head and said, "yes, ma'am."

"hey brad, look at this tie!"

"is that for you?"

"yes, and it plays music, see look!" and i push the button so mom will be proud of me.

except it's broken.

"mom, the tie doesn't work...?"

"well, push the button, honey!"

"i did."

"well, that's okay!  just wear it anyway."

so looks like next year, brad will get to forgo his christmas sweater, cause i have a tie he can borrow.

'cept it's broken.

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