i am irritated and aggravated and probably need to go to bed and start over rather than write this blog.


i am sitting here under a warm blanket, with the warmth of the computer on my legs and going to bed would mean forgoing that and actually having to crawl out of the blanket, put the computer away and walk to bed.  looks like the blog won.

lucky you.

this week, i am in packing mode, packing up what has been home for the last year and a little more and headed back to where i came from.  well, not really.  but back to where i started when i first moved to nashville.  there are a lot of things that i am looking forward to that come with a new place, but what this also is giving me is time.  i will be five minutes max away from work, which is a dream.  and can't wait to be that close.

my life has changed so much in the little over a year that i have moved here - i will always have fond memories of east nashville.  a place that i had never been in all my years of living here until i was suddenly planted here.

walking to rosepepper and the family wash will be no more, BUT target is now across the street.

oh yeah!

i am the first to admit, i don't do well with change - and here i am...

getting married.
changing my name.
changing my life.

and for the first time in my whole entire life, i can not wait to take whatever life has in store for me (for us) and grab on with both hands and press "go."

moving is the first step in a lot of change for me...

a first step.

the other night brad asked me, "are you excited to be my wife?"

and my response was, "it's what i was born to do."

and i can't wait.


bring it.

this time i am ready.

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Alicia said...

"it's what i was born to do"....that's perfect! it's exactly the way it is supposed to be! i feel that way every time i think about being married to andy.
have i mentioned how excited i am for you???

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