vegas = cruise ship without water.

we got back from vegas last night.  at midnight.  i had never been to vegas before.  but i have been on a cruise before...and vegas is pretty much cruise ship without water (and wayyyy less clothes for the girls...)  
also, thursday nights are a lot different than friday nights in vegas.  on thursday night as we were walking through the casino...just people spending too much money and not getting much in return. fridays though...well...we had girls on poles, lights...action.  apparently the weekends are more fun in this town they call las vegas.
and i thought after this trip, i might have a career in celebrity poker!  darn.  other than the fact that i am not a celebrity and there is this thing called gambling that...welll...i spent two dollars and in return got seventy cents.  we shall call it beginners luck, because clearly the talent is there.  clearly.

clearly.  good thing we booked some shows...
speaking of talent not being there, siegfried and roy were not there either, but their statue is there for all to see. i wish i would have seen their show so long ago... wonder that they do now?
i would like to tell you that we just spontaneously decided to go to vegas. that would not be the truth. this man was the deciding factor that we should go.  thank you rivers cuomo. i am $1.30 poorer because of you. i would tell you all about the weezer show that we saw, but tells it so much better, so head on over to his blog (WAIT!  not mine first of course.  silly.) i will tell you, that i am a fan of weezer because of brad and it was a great show. i enjoyed every minute. well, not every minute...there was this lady in front of us that wanted to talk to me, and then was dirty dancing with her husband and i was forced to stare and watch...  so then i got distracted....
brad tells me this is as close as i will ever get to paris. so i better take a picture. (he really didn't say that at all and is chomping at the bit to take me there, I AM SURE) i decided to take this fauz 'look i am in paris picture' so i could trick you all. except i just told you all the truth...i am no good at this at all.
this was confusing, but we made our way out...

did i mention we saw O? wow, and wow. it was most impressive. if you don't know what this show is all about you must read about it and then GO. i have never seen something so impressive in all my life. it was an hour and a half of hold your breath good.
after the show, brad told me to pick. i could spend $1000 in prada or louis vuitton. he's amazing like that. okay, that's not the truth either (well, the amazing part is, but not the spending spree...)...and this picture was as close as i got to those two places. guess my target handbag will have to last a little longer, darn that thing.
 back to weezer.  memories...make me want to go back there...
and did you know that the bellagio has fountains? like huge ones. i am impressed with water and what they can make it do. this little water dance on a grand scale was so ultra cool. i could barely take it all in.
 vegas, you are making me want to stay and watch all your pretties for forever.
sunday, we decided to rent a car and head to the grand canyon, we heard it was a major tourist attraction and we needed to see this thing for ourselves. let me tell you something...tis a large canyon. a big hole.
when i told my mom we were going she said,"well, don't fall in!" she clearly does not trust me because when i told her we were out walking around vegas the day before she said, "well, brad better hold onto you!"  
 thanks for the vote of confidence mom.  thanks for believing in me.
the grand canyon was totally worth the eight hour drive there and back and the forty minute stay. if you ever get the chance, go see it. it is amazing. it is also in the middle of NO WHERE, so make sure you are not hungry or need to gas your car.  because both of those things...are not happening on your journey there.  you've been warned...

and as pretty and lovely as the sites were...
this guy can still distract me.

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TheTravelAngel said...

Really loved Vegas and among other places that's one of the best place I consider to be traveling for this whole year.

:-) John

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