going to the chapel: chapter 15

so maybe i forgot it was wednesday.

maybe i forgot that i made a commitment to you after the engagement that i would report in every wednesday on the goings on so you could keep up.

and i have failed.  but this should be a blog in itself.  i am so busy, i forgot what day of the week it was...i am sorry.

ladies and gentleman, its wedding wednesday!  (get excited!)

not a lot going on externally, other than all weekend brad and i moved to a house.  i cleaned my other one. and kinda cleaned the new one.  unpacked the bonus room, bedroom (kinda) and the kitchen (well, actually i had a lot of help in there) - the stove is broken (ugh) and that was one thing i was most looking forward to...having my own kitchen.  but broken stove, just means new stove and crock pot meals all week.

and i seriously am in love with that slow cooking thing.  because it makes me look good, clever and smart plus makes my life so much easier.  that is something to fall in love with, i tell you.

besides the move, we are unpacking only to find the best fifty degree weather attire for vegas, because we are going there TOMORROW.  i have never been and am so so excited...i'm about to be RICH!

here's how successful i will most likely be based on previous results.  one year, ld, bessie and myself went to tunica and each took in ten dollars and left with nothing.  so rich? well...maybe i should just the appropriate funds for the trip.

see that's my brain as of late, there is so much going on, i can't even focus on the fact that i am writing an exclusive wedding blog.

focus jessica.  focus.

ah!  i'm back.  i get to proof the invites today and i can't wait, and then all bazillion of them will be ready thursday.  they are pretty much the cutest things you have ever seen.  it was so weird to see the graphic design with brad and my name on it.  it seemed so real.

and yesterday, i got my first shower invite!  the first bridal shower will be feb 5 (on my birthday!) which only means double presents to me, right?

so there is a lot going on around here.

-planning a wedding.
-working full time (home wrecker included).
-unpacking a house.
-organizing a house.
-packing for vegas.

so i have reason for the random blog, that has you wondering "can this girl have a coherent thought?"

i can.

just not this week.

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