home wrecker.

on the hills of the last blog, i know what you are thinking...chris harrison called and gave me the inside scoop on what is really going on in that bachelor mansion.  and there is another little rose in the house.  remember her?  and remember when she accused chris harrison of cheating and he told her "i will not even dignify that with a response."  go chris.

well, hate to burst your bubble but that's not the home wrecker to which i am referring.

this home wrecker is out of control.  she walks around the house seeing what all might possibly be in the right place and tears it down, pulls it out, grabs and runs...whatever is necessary to make the biggest mess in each room.  but the thing about my home wrecker is...i am on to her.  once i clean a room, i shut the door, and eventually...she only has access to the living room, kitchen and her bedroom.  all of which remain a disaster because of her skill in this home wrecking field.

today for example, i was in the laundry room doing...you guessed it.  and after about one minute of leaving her out of my site, this is where i found her.

the pizza box that is in the floor on its way to the trash (sometimes this is that designated place for trash to go for the next available trash run), she decided to get her a couple of pieces out so she will have something to accompany her whole milk at every ones favorite eating spot.  the middle of the stairs.
and as soon as she was caught she looked at me, looked at the pizza and said, "no ma."  her rendition of "no ma'am", grabbed the pizza and tried to get away.

i won.

this time.

p.s. tonight, i was putting the little fellas in bed.  we said our prayers like always.

dear god, be with mom and dad and miss tiffany tonight.
dear god, help me to be nicer.
dear god, be with the people who are cold and do not have homes.
dear god, be with mr. bwad.
dear god...

after he finished praying, i asked his brother if he wanted to pray...after a long stretch, he said, "no, ms. jessica.  i think i just need to go to sleep right now."

can't fault the kid for being honest.


thisvalleylife said...

My little homewrecker (Sierra pup) brought an empty butter box she got from the recycling into bed last night . Not her bed. My bed (which I suppose she thinks is hers now).
I guess it's better than her bringing her gross bones to bed..

jessica said...

at least there wasn't melted butter inside! maybe we can trade home wreckers and see who manages to make the biggest mess. i think i would win!

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