the bachelor: sleeper episode

tonight's bachelor was a loooooooooooooooong two hours.  i really think our bachelor viewing party should have watched it on about a forty minute delay so we could have only wasted a little over an hour of our time verses the two that we dedicated to brad and his gals.  but that's just my opinion...

vampire girl ended up surprising us all with the class and grace of a woman and left before she left her dignity, but not before she took out her fangs.  i really liked her miranda lambert look alike self, she seemed to be a cool gal.  i think brad was kinda glad to see her go though, one less gal to get kissed by a rose...

shew...thank goodness seal came in and took his song back.

and what is happening to this show?  we all know there are shrinks that are behind the scenes counseling these gals and brad, but no one wants to see them do their job on the show!  i mean, we watch for the crazies, not for the mentally sound.  i am really hoping that michelle was the next appointment after brad because i do believe she needs a couch to lie on...because girlfriend is going crazy fast.  and brad likes her!  again, this is why we will tune in next week.

my conclusions after three intense weeks:
-the moms are HOT, but one is crazy.
-to be on the show this season, you have to have dad issues.
-brad likes brunettes, except emily.  but she would be lovely with any color hair.
-emily will be the next bachelor.
-michelle will punch herself next week to have a black eye...

oh, i can hardly wait!

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