dear brad womack.

and i thought jake pavelka's season of the bachelor was the longest months of my life, now we have brad take two.

dearest brad,

you seem to be one of the nicest guys ever.  i do not know you, and have only seen you for months at a time on television two seasons of the bachelor.  you seem to be sincere and just genuinely nice.  kuddos for being a nice guy.  they don't finish last, really they don't.  i am sure you are reading this blog now, laughing at this letter while the love of your life is sitting beside you.  

but i need to also tell you that...i hope that when you look back at your tape that you realize that michelle is a crazy girl, and she did not have your best interest at heart.  i am assuming that you will take her to the fantasy date are a man...and she is a beautiful female.  and i can't really say that i blame you. 

and maybe it is emily sitting by you on that couch as you are reading this, but i think that might not be the case...i think that she might, perhaps, be the next bachelorette.  because she is just all around lovely.  i also think that you handled yourself remarkably well if you really did not know that her late fiance was a race car driver.  what a tough date for her.  what a tough date for you.

and broad shoulder girl that looks like she plays softball, volleyball and basketball - that was not nice what you said, that just because she has a better story than yours, she gets more time with brad.  HER FIANCE DIED, they were ON A RACETRACK.  lord have mercy, have a heart and give emily this night.  

brad, you are a nice guy.  you have a heart.  and you do not like to see girls cry.  but the therapy sessions that are edited down to ten minutes for television are making THIS GIRL cry.  bawl like a baby.  aren't therapy sessions supposed to be behind closed doors and private?  because...knock, knock, this thing on?  because we are all watching your session and i think you should keep it behind closed doors.  because, you are okay.  you are doing fine.  you got this.  

i would need therapy too, if i had twenty five men pawing all over me and needing me, wanting me.  but i would need it to be behind closed doors.  you have proven your point.  we believe you.  we know you are getting therapy.  we trust you now.  we know you are here for the right reasons.

and you know what else?  just between you and me...if you don't pick anyone this season's okay.  you are your own person.  the last season when you were on, i commended you for not making a lackidasical choice and picking someone just because.  

again, i say, you got this.  


and to my blog readers, this is a letter to brad womack, the bachelor.  not to be confused with brad dukes, the bachelor, who is engaged to be married to me.

that is all.
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