going to the chapel: chapter 16

two months from today i will be a mrs. and i can hardly wait.

hardly wait to see all the ideas and decorations that i have created in my head come to fruition.
hardly wait to see all my closest friends and family gathered together.
hardly wait to peek into the church and see brad waiting at the end of the isle.
hardly wait to turn and look and see my parents smiling at me, because they are proud of me.
hardly wait to see my best friends who i will grow old with.
hardly wait to cut the cake and cram it all over brads face.
hardly wait to apologize and tell him i really didn't mean to.
hardly wait to convince him i really really didn't mean to.
hardly wait to start the rest of my life, by way of hawaii.
hardly wait to forever be mrs. brad dukes.

i am already blessed in my life, but that day i will feel extra blessed to be standing there looking at the man that will be by my side for forever.

hardly wait.  that's me.
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