of mice and men.

brad's been gone less that twenty four hours and i have already made major home improvements. gotten a stove delivered, AND hung these awesome little cards.
i received them in the mail yesterday when i got our wedding invites. they were free. a collection of twelve postcards, a calender, one per month.  (they are from papersource.com) but i thought they were way toooo cute to mail to my friends, the kitchen needed them. our kitchen is old and out of date, some would say vintage, i say vintage. so vintage is the theme of the kitchen. appropriate, huh? i loved the look of these cards, how eclectic and natural they look. fun.
i wanted to hang them straight, yet haphazardly. so they look casual and that they were just thrown up on the wall. i love the finished look, they are perfect in the kitchen.
as i said, each card is a month of 2011.  i got to october, and i heard a scratching sound under the dishwasher. every time i did the bang bang bang of the hammer, i heard a scratch scratch scratch under the dishwasher. it took me .0000000000001 seconds to somehow hop out of the kitchen and go into the living room and peer into the kitchen waiting for the mouse to come out of hiding. waiting to scream and run out of the house...and i would have. trust me. i would have.

i was starting to sweat just a little.

i am not afraid of bugs, animals or many things, but mice...i am t.e.r.r.i.f.i.e.d. go ahead and tell me it's silly. i know, i know. doesn't change the facts. i am sceeeered. did i mention i had just taken brad to the airport, so i was home alone?

well, not alone, it was me and a mouse.

wonderful. awesome. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh.

i immediately thought of an excuse to call work and tell them that it was nice to have the day off, but not needed. i was happy to come in.


let me come to work!
then the heat clicked off, and the noise stopped. then i came to the conclusion that it was the heat return.

yeah, the heat return. i new that.

back to hanging november and december.

i can do this.

i laugh in the face of danger.

i'm going to buy a new outfit for i am stressed.
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