i'm not a murderer. yay me!

since it's my first and last valentines as an engaged gal, i decided to go all out.  someone once said, "go big or go home."  i decided to go big.  well, brad decided that for me, actually.

when asked about a month before valentines (i'm a planner, what can i say?) what he would like me to cook for dinner...he replied without hesitation. "lobster."

because i like to impress him and pretend like i am a know it all in the kitchen, i said, "okay, cool." and turned and walked away.
lobster really?  i was thinking chicken.  gulp.  of course, i pretended like i was a lobster pro. so the last month i have researched lobster and how to cook, the best way to cook, the best to buy, etc.  and the more i researched, the more and more i felt like a 

i mean, one minute they are just swimming around in their fish tank and the next BAM boiling hot water.  it just ain't right.  the more i thought about the little guys, i just was heart sick at the fact that i was going to have to put a live creature into boiling water.  i even read somewhere if you rubbed the lobster on their head for ten minutes before putting them in the boiling water, it hypnotizes them and they feel no pain.  should i apply lotion so my hands are soft, so it feels like a massage on their day of DEATH?  see the issues i was having?  i voiced none of this to brad, since i had it, uh hum, under control.  but i was stressed.

the closer it got to the date and the more research i did, i decided that if i just bought some lobster tail, i might do better.  i did not kill the lobster, i can still be a friend to the lobster, i am just buying seafood.  i can do that.  and i did.  

it was still hard.  i kept thinking, 'what if the tail starts flapping!?' ahhhh!  you know when you kill a granddaddy longleg and the legs are still moving?  yeah, that's how i was feeling.
 everything i read said boil it one minute per ounce.  so after five minutes of rapid boiling, the brown turned to red, WHO KNEW?, and we had ourselves some lobster.  i never even had to thaw out the chicken.  go me.
 so we had lobster, baked potato, corn souffle and asparagus.  and slowly but surely i am convincing my valentine that really it is a fun day o' love.  
is there or is there not lobster on your plate, dude?
this is how romantic we are...i had big plans of lighting the candles, but then forgot and moved the asparagus to where the candles should be, and then and there we had a full light dinner and no candles were lit...then there's the whole issue of the pot holder thats still on the table and the paper napkins.

don't judge me.  i was still crying over my little lobster friends and their tails that i had just boiled.  i just could not take the risk of setting them on fire.

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