going to the chapel: chapter 17

i was in charge of the invites when my cousin got married.  and if i recall, they were really cute.  so who would think that when my own self id getting married i would struggle so?  think it would be okay if i just called people and invited them, wouldn't that be soooooooo much more personal, because these invites are making me want to elope.

for real.

i thought i was being all budget savvy and saving money by getting a graphic designer to create them, and then i would print them myself.  well, saving money is for the birds.  i should have spent money, because i am getting an ulcer.

they were supposed to go out today, since today it is officially six weeks til the wedding.  they are not going out today.  or tomorrow.  i am holding my breath and hoping that they get out my friday or saturday. say a prayer.  maybe you should fast too.

other than invites, the planning is going just smashingly.  (i really just wanted to use that word.)  we are finishing up some randomness and tying down some loose ends.  we are almost there!

i got my wedding earrings today.  we are all excited about that, right???  they are real pretty.  i think i might even show them to brad.

for my entire life, i have dreamed about planning my wedding and making it perfect and how much fun it would be.  well, that was in my imagination.  this is hard work, and it is not fun either.  it is hard planning a party all by yourself for a whole bunch of your closest friends and family.  and it doesn't help that i like things to look perfectly and am a bit of a control freak.

are you stressed yet, just reading this?

i am looking forward to the actual day and seeing everything that i have in the extra bedroom and at my parents house all come together and look out and see my vision come to life.  i hope it is what i visioned, if not...i will just keep in mind that in a few hours i am headed to hawaii.

and then i will look at mr. dukes and remember it will all be perfect.

also, i have recently become obsessed and addicted to dexter (the show) which is not helping me get anything accomplished.

shame on me.

p.s.  do these invites look blue or green to you?  seriously...what color do you see?

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