the bachelor: burning love.

i haven't written a blog in so long, i forgot my password. not really, but almost. but let me assure you, while i have been away, i have not been sitting idol. the invitations about did me in. let me repeat...the wedding invitations about did me in. after ten hours of printing, cutting and making them as pretty as i possibly could, i got them all addressed and ready to mail yesterday.

yesterday. ready to mail.

yesterday was presidents day! ahhhhhhhhhh.


see there, aren't you glad i have not been writing, because my brain. well, i'm sorry.

brad. let's talk about him.

brad womack, the bachelor, vying for four remaining women.
not brad dukes, the bachelor vying for one woman.

first of all, chantal o is going to win.  she is.  brad wants emily to be the one, but chantel o it will be.

three things:
1.  will brad call her chantal o, chantel o the rest of her life, or will he eventually change it to chantal w because i am thinking about once i get married going by jessica d because...why not?
2.  also, we all need to be thankful there will never be another rose ceremony in her life, because her wardrobe is struggling these night.  be nice jessica.  i am trying.
3.  think they will have their own house?  because i am thinking there is a wing somewhere in her parents humble abode where they can reside.

shawntel newton.  burning love.  she is a beautiful girl.  hot.  but all that would have freaked me out too. laying on the table, brad was a trooper, because i would have said, "can we please just go meet your family now?  i am DYING to meet your family!"

emily.  has a daughter, we all knew this.  and she was shy plus there was a huge camera in her face, probably more than one.  i would have acted to same way.  bless her heart.

ashley.  what???  i already thought she WAS a dentist!  i mean, thats what it says when you watch the show.  ashley - dentist.  i feel so misled.  and her teeth are  but she is NOT a dentist, yet. i never.  her sister was cool too, i liked her and her tattoos.

and brad, you laid back brad you.  i just like you and think you are a good guy.  although, i do believe you should have called your therapist for shawntel's date, becauseyou needed him. we all needed him.

south africa.  i can not wait!

(i'm gonna write a blog tomorrow, you just watch!)

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