going to the chapel: chapter 20

i am the only daughter of roy and jane morrison.  and as their only daughter, i am sure my mom and dad have dreamed about the day they will give their daughter away.  i do know that since the day i was born they have been praying for the man i will marry.  that's pretty awesome, huh?

but as far as mom's go, let me just tell you how great she has been in helping me plan this here wedding we gots going on...

she has filled all the individual bags up with birdseed,
she has collected the tableclothes that i needed,
found the mason jars that i wanted,
not acted like her daughter had lost her mind when i old her a great idea that wasn't that great,
filled the honey jars...all 200...

you name it, she has done it, or is doing it.  because she is awesome like that and making my day to day so much easier than it could be.  while i am planning, and decorating and deciding and working, she is behind the scenes doing.  and her work is not going unnoticed.

i see her.  i hear her wanting this day to be as great as i do.  and she makes me proud.  proud to be her daughter and prouder that she is my mama.

just today, brad and i went to the county clerks office and got our marriage license and on the form, you had to list both parents names.  and as i wrote my parents names, and looked up at brad's parents names as well...i thought of what a great and blessed heritage we have had and do have.

only a little over two weeks and we are headed to hawaii...be jealous, please?

p.s.  today when i was at the tanning bed, they APPARENTLY were working on the roof, so the whole time i laid there, all i could think was "are there people watching me, are there people watching me?"  then i decided tomorrow i am wearing my bathing suit.

your neurotic friend jessica.

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I like the simplicity f your blog.<3

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