last week...

i've been busy lately...too busy to blog, too busy to shower, too busy to paint my get the picture.

here's what i have been doing.  

taking a lot of pictures of babies for lil bit.  

then she looks at my phone a giggles in delight and says "oh baby!" then forces me to do it again.  i would have shown you all the 1,000 shots i have of just this naked baby, but i thought you might, perhaps, get the picture with just this one.  if you need more clarity of the situation, email me and i will send you the other 999.
cleaning playrooms.
then taking pictures and admiring my work and then wipe away a tear because i know it will only be this way for .000001 seconds.  i might make it my screen saver.
going on breakfast dates.
don't tell mr. bwad, except i already told him.  he's okay with it.  especially when the date is this fella cause he is nothing but sweet...just like those 5 pancakes he ended up eating...never letting go of the spatula...errrrrr...harry potter wand.  
watching too much of a certain tv show.
and then seeing things around town that remind me of the show and then taking their picture and sending them to brad.  he must loves me a lot, because he keeps emailing me back.
going to phillips toy mart.
because i just took her the other day for the first time and she pushed this buggy around for thirty minutes collecting all the babies on display.  if that ain't precious, i don't know what is...
so now we are going every other day...
putting on sparkly shoes.
not on me...on her...because its okay to wear pink sparkles if your lil bit...or paris hilton.
loves it.
taking pictures of bad hair days.
just to make my own style (or lack thereof) feel better.
watching the love of my life spend time with me at work and play with my babies...
well, they aren't mine.  you know what i mean...
they love each other pretty much.
pretending like i am olan mills.
then laughing til i cry at this picture, because It is the funniest thing i have ever seen.
speaking of crying...
polyester is itchy.  ask lil bit.
combing out the perfect curl.
all while loving on her baby.
watching her sweet heart say, "oh baby..." as she pats her and kisses her hand.
then holding up big baby and saying, "hiii baby."

i've been busy.  yes.  but it's been good.

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