i have cruise fever and keep [resenting brad cruise options and then enticing him by showing him 360 virtual tours of the boats and saying, "see see, see!  look at this?"  and he sweetly says as he nods his head and continues to watch tv, "you have cruise fever honey?"  and thats good enough for me and then i find another picture and it all starts over again.

that was just a little intro before the real post.

apparently i have forgotten how to write.

excuse me.

now i shall begin.

when brad and i go to his parents house in knoxville, we always hit up the local putt putt golf course.  it's a deal really, for ten bucks you get a game of golf, twenty tokens (so i can play ten games of ms. pacman and ten games of skiball) and an ice cream cone.

the only kicker to every time we play is brad wins.

every time.

he wins and then he brags.  every time.  and he doesn't just win, he blows me off the golf course...i usually kinda keep up til it take me seventeen tries to get it in one hole on a par two then i have a temper tantrum and start making excuses as to why it is excusable for me to take seventeen putts to get the ball in...

and then he preceeds to make a par.  yes, it makes me mad too.

well, i decided i was going to win this weekend.  like really really decided, so i started trash talking early.  i reminded him that once on vacation i got two holes in one back to back and that he should be scared.

he was not.  and then demanded that he give me and i accept a five shot handicap.  to which i was offended, i did not need his handicap because:

1.  if i won with his handicap, he would say i didn't REALLY win.
2.  if i lost, i wanted to loose because i lost, far and square.
3.  i was going to win anyway.
your eyes are not deceiving you.  me.  winning.

the first hole he got a hole in one.  ugh.

but then look at me, i followed it up with a hole in one and then two out front nine.

then i lost.

really, i did.  by four strokes.

how is it possible to loose by four strokes when you had three holes in one?

well, i did it.

i demanded a rematch and an "I WILL SHOW YOU!"

so next time....we are in knoxville, i WILL win and i will tell you all about it.

and to end the trip just write on a WINNING note...

we decided to have easter dinner on the road at cracker we played the little peg game at the table and i was just "just plain dumb" over and over again and then he grabbed it from me and...

played once and only had one peg left.


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