here we go!

just incase you are reading this blog for the first time or the hundredth...i just got married.  
uh huh, i did.  

and after we got married, we went to hawaii...  uh huh, we did!

and here's the proof!

my groom and his new shirt, he bought it because i like pink on guys...and i happen to think he is pretty darn hot in his new pink shirt.
 this is the view from our room, not too shabby, huh?
and this is brad getting me a coconut.  he took off his pink shirt, to show off his abs.

and that's a lie, that is a native fella showing off his mad skills...

buuuuutttt...brad could SOOOOOOOO do this.

and perhaps we ran into a little trouble while we were there.  soooo, we got a little off the beaten path.  reaaaaallly off the beaten path.  dharma is OFF the beaten path.  i would tell you what happened, but then benjamin linus...might...ugh.........

well, nevermind.
so after a week of honeymooning, and two weeks of work and opening every present in tennessee, and having enough trash wrapping paper and boxes to build a forest...we are slowing returning the duplicates and getting settled into our home.  last weekend, a washer and dryer were added to the laundry room and might i say, they look pretty good in there!

so between the loads of clothes and decorating and writing thank you notes...we are getting our life back.    our life TOGETHER back.  things are calming down...and we are thrilled.  

what a whirlwind this past month has been!  

we are so excited to begin this journey of our life together...i can hardly wait for what the future holds.

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