meet me in...iowa?


let's begin there, shall we?

so like i said in two previous blogs, before this one (the atlanta braves one was just supposed to keep you on the edge of your seat and chained to your computer.  it worked, i'm sure).  we were in st. louis and packed up, ready to head on our almost four hour journey back to nashville when this happened.
that's me in the glass.  oops.
brad burst out of the bathroom holding his ipad (just being authentic folks, that really happened.  well, not really bursting, we'll say...walking rapidly) and said, "richard beymer is going to be in iowa tonight!"  

and because i am a good wife, i said, "AWESOME!  let's go! uhhhh....who is richard beymer?"
not gonna lie, i kinda thought rich bey ma ma...was a cutie. um, an attractive older man.
offended, he said, "DUH!!!! benjamin horne!!! {except he didn't say DUH!, but that sounds a lot better for my story}

so benjamin horne....
is a character from the television series Twin Peaks, created by David Lynch and Mark Frost, portrayed by Richard Beymer. His last name is based on real life department store owner Joseph Horne founder of Horne's in Pittsburgh where Mark Frost is from, while his and his brother Jerry's first names are based on the ice cream brand Ben & Jerry's. He is the richest citizen of the eponymous town, Horne is one of the few citizens whose sensibilities and dress aren't still in the 1950s; Horne is an archetypical 1980s cutthroat businessman, whose greatest desire in life appears to be the acquisition of more money. As the series progressed, he was revealed, like many of the show's other characters, to have a hidden side; although, since Ben Horne's public persona was evil, his "dark side" turned out to be good, revealing him as a lonely, depressed man, disappointed with how his family and his life turned out. -source; wikipedia
he and brad chatting about the film.  this is also where he said that he was uncomfortable getting his picture taken.  so i put the large marge camera down and just pretended like i was texting.  ca-ching.  they were totally on to me.
backstory:  what you should also know is brad's favorite tv show is twin peaks and is very knowledgeable in all things twin peaks.  his passion for filming locations has taken him to seattle, los angeles and new york to name a few.  as far as twin peaks is concerned, he has met most of the actors in the series, but had yet to meet ben horne...errrr...richard beymer.  because of brad's interest in david lynch (who the film was about), film and richard; we had no choice but to head to iowa of all places.  it was saturday morning...and it was spontanous...i was in.

did i have a choice?
brad and richard
after he presented the film and had some "q and a" time, we met and talked to mr. beymer himself.  what a gracious man and talent.  can i just say, that there were some very opinionated folks in iowa that told him how to correct and make HIS film better.  i never.  i would have just started to cry if people talked to me the way they talked to him - but he answered their questions patiently and graciously.  i picked my nails and and admired the man in the peach velour shirt in front of me and wondered where he got his shirt.  then i noticed there was a small animal with the girl beside me and i jumped until i realized it was her purse.

after our night ended around midnight, the search began for a hotel.  it was easy, since there were only three.  we stayed at the best choice.  the heartland (be still MY heart 'cause i liked to have died) inn.  between the grandma colors and the home interior decor, i did not feel right at home.
check out those sconces and fresh plastic bouquet
they even had a mirrored jucuzzi, lord have mercy.  like, i know we are newlyweds and all.  but i just could not bear to think of the..................nevermind, needless to say, i took a shower.
hot husband > hot tub
the sheets were white and clean.  which is the most important thing and we enjoyed our stay in iowa with our window unit lulling us to sleep.
be jealous, please?
the next day, we were packed up to head to nashville and guess what???

we really went nashville.

p.s.  while at the film, i overheard the lady behind me say this, "now, that's one silo you don't have to deal with..."

i heart iowa-ians.

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