a braves kinda day.

at the sake of being a day two weeks late and a whole lot of dollars short, i am here to tell you that on memorial day, brad and i went to atlanta to see a braves game.  i had three oozing blisters on the bottom of both feet and could not stop sneezing.  it was basically limp...achoo...limp...achoo...i was pitiful.  then the game started and we were able to sit and that was great on the blisters and all, and such a relief to be in the 101 degree hot sun.  
while we were there, brad told me he could name all of the team members of the 1992 team...so let's hear it, dude.  batter, batter, swing...  he got a B+, not quite the ACE he was looking for, but i pride myself in being a strict teacher, and there was question of possible cheating.  we won't go into that here, though.  that's another day, another blog.
this day, being memorial day, they honored all the service men and women who have fought and are fighting for our country, and a few of the brave men and women even took to the field before the game started.

we interrupt this blog for...this tshirt. that light blue one right there.  it say, "even chuck norris wanted to be in the beta club."  every where we go, when i get home unknowing to me, the camera just finds cool, funny, off beat tshirts and takes their pictures.  so, i present to you my favorite of that day...
 back to our regularly scheduled blog.  you can thank me later.
as i was wiping the sweat from my brow, pits, behind the knees, legs...you get the point.  i looked way, way, way up...almost to heaven and saw all the men and women that the braves had chosen to honor that day in...well...almost heaven.  they had the worst seats in the house and i was floored that this is where they would choose to seat these individuals.

really, i was taken aback.  it was their day and they were in the nose bleeds...

the nose bleeds that were completely shaded.  see how calm and collected they were?  i was fanning like my life depended on it, just daring the person beside me to accidently come in contact with my wet skin, and there they were in the best seats in the house...with shade.  lucky them.  the braves know what they are doing after all.

not me.


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