meet me in saint louie (and iowa?).

well, we did in fact head to saint louis friday, the weather was glorious and a little chilly at the ballgame, it was heaven.  i love ballgames at night, something about the excitement in the air, mixed with the's just fun.  i decided i was cheering for the kansas city royals three runs in and sure enough, they won.  i am that smart.

saturday, we headed to do probably the most touristy thing in saint louis; the arch.  brad had never been, and i had been once and enjoyed it immensely and wanted to take him.  its kinda a crickety ride up to the top, and really i just wanted to freak him out.
we walked around the grounds and took everything in, then it got stormy and they won't let you go up in the arch when the weather is bad, so we decided to just take pictures.  correction: i decided to just take pictures, shocker, i know.  

i could see my reflection in brad's glasses and thought that was ultra cool, because i am twelve apparently.
oh look, that right there is an arch! the st louis arch!
then brad ran off without me while i was on a picture taking fit.  rude.

hey, jessica! is this what you were talking about???
sometimes i just wonder away when i see a picture that i really really need.  only most likely to delete it later, but at the time, it is worth taking the chance of getting lost.  poor brad.

then we decided that there's no time like the present to have an impromptu photo shoot, since we ARE at the arch...

this happened.

(alicia, i have your necklace on.  thank you!)
then this.
it got worse.
archy, oh archy...where art thou archy?
brad and jessica and the arch has proven to be too much.  ohhhh, wait a minute there it is in the corner!
once more time.  fuuuuugetaboutit.

p.s.  i was looking down in all the pics through my glasses, even though it appears that i really have no idea what is going on.  i wasn't about to look down and have fourteen chins.  no way hosea.
its brad and the arch.  good enough for me.

once when brad and i were dating, he was having a bad night and i was texting him something sweet and annoying i am sure.  and he replied with, "you have ENUFF on your plate." and it sent shivers up my spine i was so mad, because (1) my plate was plenty big and (2) he spelt enough ENUFF and he knows i HATE IT when people spell words wrong and abbreviate text.  we are all smarter than that people.  spell your words.  our children are going to spell thanks "thx" and enough "enuff"...dont make me go on.  you don't have to be cool.  let's just say he has never said (or texted) "you have ENUFF on your plate." again.  well, really he has like a baaaazillion times, but all in jest.  or so i am told.  i'm still a little mad.

enough already, i'm done with my rant.
then another observer of all things arch related walked by and said, "ummm do you want me to take your picture???" and looked very confused at us like we were crazy for taking ten of the same shots.  so i said, "sure" and "thanks."
finally, we saw her in all her glory.  or finally, we saw him in all his glory.  i prefer the feminine usage, but you pick.  either way, still impressive.

a ball game, and an arch and then it was time to head home...

except we ended up going to iowa instead of nashville...

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Alicia said...

glad you're enjoying the necklace, even though you probably already had ENUFF necklaces before I gave you that one! :)
can't wait to hear about the iowa trip!

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