nashville kids triathlon.

my bff's gal just competed in her first triathlon and it was more than exciting to be her cheerleader on that cool breezy 95 degree day.  

i told her to stand in front of michael, and not her mom because she is almost as tall as her mom - and this happened.  face malfunction - nevermind.

on to the races...
the met life blimp was there for the nashville kids triathlon - and that was a big deal because that was the first time the met life blimp had ever covered a kids triathlon and they chose nashville all because of mik.  well, that's not really true.  but i like to think that.  go with me.

thank you for coming met life blimp.  i enjoyed taking your pictures.  although you did not tweet back at me when i tweeted at you.  i got nothing, so our relationship might be over.  didn't even get a RT, i swear.
that would be her fan club holding up the pole.  look people it was hot, and WE were not the ones about to jump in a pool.
hi there, green polka dot bathing suit.  GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  FASTTTTTT!  don't worry, i am tripping kids left and right, you got this.

i didn't really trip any kids.  that was a joke.  don't judge.

i did think about it.  no i didn't.  okay, i did.

i might need to go to kids triathlons cheerleaders anonymous if this keeps up.
her fan club racing to get in the swim arena, for the first event.

sometimes when i get really nervous i take a lot of pictures.  let's just say this day is well documented.
miks group had to swim 100 meters, bike three miles and run a half mile.  that's no joke if you are nine.
i am thinking about training, i might have a shot at this thing.
after i dunked all her competitors, it was on to the bike ride.

i am joking people.  i dunked no one.
it's hard to scream really loud when you are trying to be a photographer.  she is very thankful i choose the later on most occasions.
and there is our girl with her very hard earned metal.
yes as a matter of fact i did french braid that girls hair.  i like to think it makes her more aerodynamic.
bessie.  stop.  just stop.

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