number one dad award.

When I decided I wanted to write something about my dad on fathers day, I didn't want it to be generic, like every other happy fathers day wish out there that I could say and that would be enough and well said.

Then I realized that unbeknownst it to me I would be in Iowa sans a computer and this blog would have to be written on my phone. {ouch, my thumbs}

I started thinking about my dad. Thinking about him minus being a dad, just Roy Morrison, the man. Then thinking about him as a father, my father. 

I thought and thought. Did my dad ever make a mistake? I'm sure he did, after all he is human. But looking back on life growing up living with Roy Morrison there is nothing I can tell you that I wish he would have done differently. Nothing I can tell you when he ever made me feel shame or embarrassment. 

Even when he faithfully drove me forty minutes to school and back every day until I was sixteen on the old brown poop color 1976 dodge dart. I wanted him to drop me off close, the car may have rattled and been old but I wasn't ashamed to be seen with my dad.

As I wrote this I still am racking my brain for something he didn't do well. He loved my mom more than he loved my brother and I. And we were a close second. He didn't work to much, and was always present in our lives. 

I often have heard and have said (when really only making an excuse because how in the world was I still single at 35...?) that girls look for someone like their daddy and that's why I was still single, because mine was as close to perfection as you could have. 

And maybe someone like dad is not what I was looking for, but more someone that would LOVE me like I knew dad loved my mom. Someone I knew would LOVE our children like my dad loved me and my brother. And as I grew to know brad and the man he is, I knew my wait was close to over and I had found the man that I knew could live up to the high expectations I had placed on my would be future husband. 

Dad prayed for me, my husband and my future daily from the moment I was born. On the prayer list he keeps tucked in his bible scribbled at the very top of that list in his chicken scratch handwriting is my name and then "her husband."

He gave me the gift of love, time, his example and prayer. What a Godly example he sat out for me from day one and every day in every way I am so glad that God chose Roy Morrison to be my daddy. 

Happy Fathers Day Daddy. 
I love you. 

sent from my iPhone, please excuse any typos. 

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