thursdays report on a friday.

i have been on vacation this week and have been anxiously waiting for this day.

and might i say, thursday did not let me down this week.

brad took off on thursday and friday of this week so we could play.  and play we have.  
i knew it was going to be a great day when we decided on going to the pancake pantry and there was no line.  that's unheard line at the pancake pantry, i never.

we moved on from there to a couples massage.  i had never ever had a massage before yesterday.  i felt like upon leaving, i needed to be presented with a shirt that said "baby's first massage."  i think brad might have created a monster, i am ready to schedule massage number two...

after the massage, we moved onto urban outfitters where i got these letters:
to add to our entrance.  see the "b" and "j"?  i am all about some cool fonts, and the typewriter font happens to be my favorite, so when i happened upon these little gems for eight dollars, i had to own them.  precious, huh?

moving on.

then we went and got pedicures, be still my heart.  my legs felt like jello.  between the massage and pedicure, my legs have never been softer.  pretty good day, huh?

then to the mall, for some shopping, onto old navy and world market...

publix for salmon and scallops, because brad is making dinner.

dear thursday,
i really really liked you today, will you please happen again in my life?  soon?
love, jessica

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Alicia said...

love the letters!

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