good news!

late last week, blogHer publishing network contacted me and wanted to advertise on my blog.  this means a lot of great things that i won't bore you with...but what's exciting to me, is one of the largest on line publishing networks has seen, recognized and asked me to join their network.


so from now on, you will see that ad over there on the right...

i'm almost a big deal folks.

i'm really excited and just wanted to share, thank you for reading.


i just changed some things up, let me know what you think about the new layout -

do you...
love it?
hate it?
could care less?
thank i'm awesome?
it changed???

can you tell i'm excited???

p.s.  brad and i are headed to st. louie tomorrow.  he's never been...i can't wait to show him the sites!  (because i've been once...)


Alicia said...

I love the new look& I think you're awesome! Congrats on the the blogHer thingy! Have fun in st louie! !!!!!!!! (just a few extra ! for effect)

Cookie said...

love it! and you...

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