what da hail?!?

yeterday, my friend alicia and i decided to load up (ourselves) and take on IKEA for the day.  she had never been, and i had only been once, so we decided, "oh, what the hail!" and headed towards the varsity sign at oh six hundred.

after two hours of shopping and admiring the loot - i had just gotten paid so i was ready to lay down some serious cash - and thirteen dollars later.

yes, thirteen.  taylor swifts favorite number, but not mine.  mine is forty two if you must know.  thirteen measly dollars later, i left with a pizza cutter, a small spatula, a feather duster, cupcake holder and a new pillow for brads back.  the only person who should be proud is taylor.  i had the world at my fingertips.  textiles, lamps, prettiness everywhere...and $13.

after this excursion i tweeted "i just spent $13 at IKEA.  #fail"

because it's kinda embarrassing really.

thirteen dollars later and our car loaded down with alicia's stuff, not mine, we headed to lunch and then home.

except this happened.
the sky got real dark and funny looking and then i said, "awww hail." and it started to hail.

once i said, "awwww sheet!" when i forgot to change the potty-ed on sheets at work.  that's a true story. and i really said "awww sheet" not the other "s" word.

back to the story...errr...blog.  i didn't really say, "awww hail!" but wouldn't it have been funny if i did?

or maybe "what da hail!?!"

it was bad and loud and dingy and it happened twice and then when we got home, the bottom fell out.


i have hail in the freezer to prove it.  four pieces.  and i may or may not have risked a traumatic brain injury running outside to get those four pieces.

i knew brad would just think i was exaggerating when i came at him with arms a blazin' as he walked in the door and eyes wide telling him, "i swear, it was the size of golf balls, it was horrible!" and embrace him thanking god he's okay.

no, i'm not dramatic at all.  why do you ask?

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Alicia said...

woo hoo! i made the blog!!!!

btw, i believe you did say, "awww hail!" AND "what da hail?" on at least one occasion throughout the day!

thanks for a great little trip!

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