not winning. take one.

last night when i walked in the house i was mad.

i had worked an extremely long day, and finally a little past eleven i began my seven minute journey home.  all was good, i was tired, but nothing to write home about.  brad had even left the back porch light on for me, things were going swimmingly, then i opened the door and was hit with a heat wave.

you know how you are suddenly just frustrated and every thing you do is very matter of fact?  so, me being in my tired frustrated already hot state, walked to the guest hallway bath and flicked on the light to look at the air conditioning unit read.  


it was set on 72.  

i wanted to scream because i was tired and all i wanted to do was go to sleep.  brad was already in the bed, but not asleep.  could it have been because i was stomping around flicking on lights and growling?  i am sure that had nothing to do with it.  

so i matter of factly said, "we are going to have to turn the fan on high and move the other fan closer to us." (no, hi honey, i'm home...)  we have a small fan in our room just for white noise.  last night it was needed.  so poor brad stumbles out of bed without his glasses, to get the little fan for his huffy puffy wife to move it closer.  

there is no plug.


we had just moved our room around the day before so there was a few stumbles along the way since we didn't have the route of our dark room memorized.  no plug, so we opened the bathroom door and plugged it in there and stretched it across the room.  this worked.

until one of us decided to get up in the night to go to the restroom, then i was imagining all sorts of fans gone wrong accidents, but look...we were hot, so we went with it.  even if we did have to straddle a cord to go potty.  (i am a nanny, i can use the word potty, thank you.)

next, the ceiling fan.  i suggested we turn it on high, but when its on high, the chain hits the lights and then it rattles so all you hear is 'bing, bing, bing, bing, bing..."  yeah, its not soothing like the tick of a clock, it's just "bing, bing, bing, bing, bing..."  you get the point.  

this blog is making me tired and frustrated.  and i survived.

so i say, in my often genius-ness, " we should wrap toilet paper around the chain."  
brad says, "maybe we can put a sock on it." 
i say, "maybe a band aid." 
brad says, "maybe the band aid will hold the sock."

deep bedroom thoughts by brad and jessica dukes. 

i wrap the band aid like so around the chain and ........................


just the hum of the fan.  so its spinning 85 degrees air around times two.  it might be hot air but its air people.  

i lay down.  brad lays down.

then it was just funny, we had bandaged the ceiling fan, rigged the other across the room and still we were hot and it was midnight.

"brad and jessica's excellent adventure take four!" i say and then we laid in silence and pretending like we had air conditioning and were not hot.

then i hear...

"this is kinda like bonnaroo."


"only it's hotter."

"at least there's a breeze!"

"still it's different.."

and all the while i was complaining, i kept being reminded that here i am in a comfortable bed with someone i love, with a roof over my head.  yes, the air may be out for a night or two - but how fortunate i really am.  what a wonderful life.  

i have nothing to complain *hold on, i have to wipe my sweat* about.  

but man, it is HOT in here.  

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