medieval times

medieval - now that's a word that you have to say out loud "i before e accept after c" rule as you are writing, because that there is a tricky word.  
when i found out we were going to medieval times dinner and tournament, all i kept asking was, "is it in a real castle!?"  and patiently brad would reply "yes honey" to the hundred hyper times i asked.

when we got there, he let the cat out of the bag and told me it was really in a shopping mall.  fail.  guess he thought i would not go if it wasn't in a real castle, so pretty much i was tricked into going.
as you walked in the door of the "castle" you were given a crown - much like the optional crown you can get at burger king, although looking around as i was thinking "there is no way i am wearing this, " i realized that i would have been the odd man out, that everyone EVERYONE was wearing their paper crown.  so i put the crown on.  have i mentioned i look homeless in hats?  i do.  crowns apply to this rule as well.  so in i walked, homeless royalty.

hoo freaking ray.

notice blondie in above picture - if i looked like that in a crown, please...i would never take it off.  all that happened with MY crown application was flat hair and ears sticking out.

"hey brad, lookie here at your HOT wife!"  poor thing.

then things got serious.  we were given instructions to cheer for the green knight.  some of his qualities were hot tempered and dangerous to name a few.  so i knew there was no point in cheering, he wasn't going to win - they never let the bad guys win...

go GREEN KNIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!
as we were dining on baked chicken, ribs, potatoes and tomato soup all eaten with our fingers, the tournament was taking place, in between bites and licking our chops, we would yell either "BOOO!" or "YEAH!"

then the king and princess graced us with their presence and we were sore afraid.  i stood, taking my crown off to bow, but immediately sat back down when i remembered:

1.  we were at a mall.
2.  he was not a real king.
3.  he was a paid actor.
4.  wonder how long he tried to make it in hollywood?
5.  i look homeless in crowns.

so i slithered back down into my seat before i embarrassed myself.
see there on the end is our green night that me and my 200 closest friends cheered for, believed in and was rooting for - only to be met with almost winning.

go big or go home.
so we went home.

not before i made a bee line to the bathroom to see what i really looked like in a crown.

oh my lord.

it was as bad as i thought.

trash can on the way out...

(look up medieval times in your area and fun fun...if you look good in a crown that is.)

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