i got a crush on you.

i have a crush on my hubby.  {i hate that sentence with a passion.}  i am not fond of the word crush at all, when i hear adults say the word i feel like it automatically makes them sound like they are about four, maybe six.  its just not a word an adult should say, in my professional blogger opinion.  

and i am not a professional blogger, i am just a wanna be, so i guess what i say means nothing at all.  

and then lets talk about hubby.  grow up, he's your husband.  who ever shortened the word to hubby, must have been playing with their barbies and called ken that and it stuck, although he was only barbies boyfriendy so i just don't know.  if i ever call brad my hubby, stop me, slap me, something because i didn't mean to.  really, officer, i didn't.

now i will step off my large soap box and carry on.
we took lit bit to arrington winery last weekend to drink wine because she is one and that is an appropriate place to take a one year old.

what i meant to say is, some friends of ours and brad and myself went to arrington vineyards last weekend, and lit bit went along for the ride.  it really is a perfect place to take a toddler (especially when it's 100 degrees outside...), there is just open land with music playing in the background.  so they can run and run for days.  and when you take a mr. bwad with you, your job is even easier.

especially if your charge happens to be in love with him.  move over lil bit, he's my hubby husband!
i mean, that is some love right there.  she might have a crush.  it's okay to have a crush when you are one.
they are tight.



sometimes she eats grass.  it's very cowlike.  and while she is eating said grass, her nanny is a long way away snapping pictures yelling, "don't eat that."  she looks on as if "and what chu YOU gonna do?"
and then since mr. brad is a p90x graduate, he pulls her aside for some muscles.  and he says, "show me your muscles!"  and the little lady that she is flexes and grits her teeth as her whole upper body shakes showing him her muscles.

three of my favorite people are bringing up the rear in this picture - good thing you got your workout in, kids!-

ugh........that' another horrendous word!
this picture makes me want to burst into sandi patti, you remember her (and i might follow her on twitter) "and on this rock i'll build my kingdom and ON this rock FOREVER and EVER shall stand.  upon this rock of revelation..."  okay, ill stop because if you have no idea who sandi patti is or have never heard this song, you are so far gone.  so far.  sorry, i just can't help myself.  i can't really.

sandi patti has twins by the way.  file that under things you need to know.
there are a lot of things that make me love brad, but maybe his kindness might be at the top of that list.

and it's our two month anniversary today!  yay!

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