happy memorial day y'all.

it was two years ago, and it was memorial day.

as we were driving around the outskirts of los angeles, we happened upon a cemetery and that day there were hundreds of people gathered with american flags and with faces drawn.  they were celebrating the ones lost, maybe even their own, lost and celebrating their life and the sacrifices made.

i have seen such a site in tennessee before and on memorial day, but something about being in the land of the rich and famous and looking out my window in the god awful pearlized pt cruiser that had been our chosen for us rental for the week, and in the midst of all the wealth and plastic people - in the midst of beverly hills and celebritidum - it was so...normal.

it was a moment that lasted for two minutes maybe as an observer, but a moment that i have thought about often since then, and especially on this day.

it could have been because my driver and companion for the trip was mr. bwad and i had only met him two months prior and i was already head over hills - even though we were just friends - and everything with him seemed just a little more awesome and real.  i was experiencing an encompassing love for the first time even though we had only just met and were becoming the best of friends.

so everything on that first trip to los angeles that we took together, was a memory that is engraved in my mind.

but driving by that cemetery that day, i was reminded of the realness of life, those passed and those still full of life, yet remembering.

happy memorial day everyone.  may your monday be filled with friends and a whole heap of happiness.

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