my life in picture.

so i got married and stopped blogging.  what is wrong with me?

 i went to see the flaming lips twice in one week and didn't tell you about it.  i am sorry.  (p.s.  two years ago i had never heard of the words flaming and lips in the same sentence.  today, i can say i have been to three shows and have the hatch show to prove it.)
 i've been hanging out as much as i can with my crush.  this guy.  and haven't told you all about my life as a married.  i am so ashamed.
 i singlehandedly taught her how to open a hershey kiss AND throw her trash away.  and you didn't get as much as a picture.  tweet...nothing.  i am a loser.
 justin bieber rides around in a stroller in the house.  i have bieber fever.  this deserved a blog.  again, i am sorry.
 sometimes when i get to work, he doesn't have his hat on, so i help him.  again, you should know this.
 michael had a birthday and i didn't get him a bieber doll.  he should count his blessings.
...although the doll DOES sing...
be jealous.  please?
 mr. bwad and i took lil bit to knoxville to spend the night.  
 and she tried her best to figure out this thing with the curly cord was...
again, blog worthy.  i am not worthy.
 the little fella forgot to brush.  all year.  
he turned into a vampire with bad teeth.
he is brushing now, thank you edward.
p.s. i am team edward.
 this happened and it was especially cute.
aren't you starting to count your lucky stars i decided to be an active participant in my blog?
i know, i know.
 cicadas took over nashville, footballs and everything that is tied down and outside. no need to tell you that, i am sure you can hear them.  but i could have written all about them.  because...welll...
aren't you glad i didn't?
 i told the boys to go put on their socks for school. 
i did not specify short socks.
so for the day, they were in the nerd herd.
don't tell them.
 we went to the adventure science center.  and there was a transformer display.
forget the planets and stars.
i know, you should have known this.
well, now you do.
 we got a dog.  well, the little fellas and lil bit got a dog.
this is as active as he gets.
his name is chance.
i am constantly saying, "no chance!"
i am worried lil bit is going to grow up with self esteem issues derived from her nanny.
because all she hears me say is, "no chance!"
geee, thanks a lot, NANNY.
 green teeth lost his first tooth.  and lived to tell about it.
 justin was naked when i got to work and i dressed him quick, fast and in a hurry.
he owes me.
 she decided to wear her jammies much like elvis and his jump suits.
so i called her elvis all morning.  she didn't get it.
i think i am hilarious. 
p.s. that is the first time i have ever spelt hilarious right without spell check.
 i bought this pillow for the living room because it looks like the floor in the red room on twin peaks.  most of you did not understand that sentence.
i got MAJOR points with mr. bwad.
p.s.  that is not the first time i have spelt major right.  promise.
 i pretended that lil bit was michael jordan just for a minute and we were hanging out.
then i remembered where i was.
and she took the headband off and never dunked the ball.
 the boys successfully completed preschool.  and are amped for kindergarten.
they think they have become waaaay cool.
i didn't tell them that waaaay cool does not involve wearing pajamas to school like they did on their last day.
i also didn't remind them that i was their nanny.
we are in the nerd herd.  together.
 we went to the car wash.
a clean car is not important to her.  apparently.
 one of the little fellas asked me to sew him a doll exactly like that.
to be continued...
 she's still real cute.  really, she is.
 our blankets smell like dog.  this is why.
i started decorating our house.
see, no time to blog.  at all.

but i am going to do better promise.
pinky swear.

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