special olympics.

on saturday, it was my bff's birthday.  but instead of making it a day all about her, she wanted to give back...so we all volunteered for the TN special olympics.  it was such a joy to see all the athletes compete and then be able to meet all these girls and guys and their families.  

most of the day i was just a trash can, on more than one occasion, the athletes would hand me their empty water cups...one even said, "here, you hold this, i am the athlete!" so i did my job, which WAS assisting the athletes.  and held their trash.  it was a joy to be out there and see them compete and receive metals for all their hard work.  

it is a day some of the individuals look forward to all year, and i felt honored to be a small part of their day.

but i really wanted to go to the dance... (that was later in the evening...)  

 some of the volunteers, VERY hard at work.  clearly.  notice i am not in that picture, i was working hard...taking pictures.  that's right.
 and these would be two of my favorite people.  they aren't especially photogenic.
girls...girls...blondie...i'm gonna need you to actually look AT the camera.
this way...over here.
 there we go...
 i just took this picture to show you that they were stealing the athletes snacks.
brad - apple
bessie - capri sun
okay, okay, okay...that's a lie, they didn't steal snacks...but that would have ben really mean if they would have.  and i would have told you about it.  FOR SURE.
you can count on me.
again, i was busy working, and they were hammin up for the camera.
oh yeah, that was me taking the picture.
it wasn't sunny this day.
but you would never know...

what a fun saturday!

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