show me your muscles.

last weekend, i had to meet lil bits grandmother in knoxville to pick her up while her parents were out of town with her brothers.  since we were already in knoxville, we decided to stay the night with brad's parents.  lil bit is always thrilled to be anywhere mr. bwad is, so much to her delight to have him all to herself.
it is really rediculous how much they love each other.  I AM HER NANNY and she squirms to get away from me and get to him.  not right.
 while we were there, we did some family pictures....
except there was one problem.  well, not a problem...but...a lil bit.  she was no way sharing mr. bwad with HIS parents.  so there you go, mr. bwad, his brother and dad AND lil bit.
and then brad wanted a picture with just his mom.  except notice the pink bow at the bottom of the picture that is running towards him.
and then this picture is a close up, only because lil bit is tugging on mr. bwad's leg wanting him to hold her.  dont make me feel bad...SHE'S FINE! the picture was one second and then he picked her up immediately.  GOD FORBID, her nanny have to hold her.

and while we were in knoxville, she also learned a new trick.  she learned how to flex those mighty muscles of hers.
the chocolate on her dress was from the bribery of this here nanny during lunch.

you sit in your high chair, you get a hershey kiss.

she did not sit in her highchair, she got two hershey kisses.

come on, you couldn't say no to that face either!

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