i love my mom because...

1.     she loves people.  
she loves people and let's them know.  she loves the unloveables.  she is kind to a stranger and will smile at anyone who looks her way.

2.     she loves my dad.
she has always respected my dad, through thick and thin.  when she said her wedding vows, she meant them and has life has lived out those words.
for better or worse,
in sickness and in health...
life has handed my dad a case of the worse in the last couple of years and mom has been right there by his side.  being his nurse, his companion, his faithful wife.  what a good example of love she is to me.  wednesday i spent the day with my parents and as mom was helping dad into the car, and helping him walking around and just being what he needed...i thought about trust.  

trust.  how amazing it is that they have each other.  he can completely trust her.  i can't imagine the elderly that are in failing in health that don't have a constant, some one that they can completely trust to be by their side.  

her life took a major turn when dad got sick, and my busy body mom had to change everything about how she works.  now she stays home with dad and does everything he needs...

sometimes i have to laugh, because all those years when she would beg dad to go places with her and he said no, now she says, "c'mon roy, we are going to......"  and he has to go...

she is a true example of love.

3.     because she loves her children.
meaning me and bubba.  she loves us.  she is proud to be our mom.  and she tells us that and shows us that, and tells others.  when god chose her to be our mother...we were the ones that were truly blessed.

4.     because she loves my husband.  
before she really even knew brad, she said, "well, honey, we love brad because you love him."  personally, i think he is pretty easy to love...but just hearing that they approve and even better love him, makes their daughters heart happy.

time and time again, i have seen this saying...i think i might have made some kind of art picture every year i was in elementary school, with my scribbled handwriting on it, "if moms were flowers, i'd pick you."

so this year mom, i need to to tell you...

if moms were flowers...i'd for sure pick you.

over and over and over again.

i love you.

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