its the little things...

it really is the little things in life that matter.

while brad and i were vacationing in maui on our honeymoon, there were so many things that were was our very first public outing as husband and wife, so that in itself was fun.  it was fun to hear me when asked, "and ma'am what is your name?" stutter and say, "jessica moorrrrrdukes."  it was nice to do whatever we wanted whenever we wanted and occasionally when i would catch a glimpse at brad's hand, see a ring that i had given him when we began our lives together.  

the little things made our trip complete.  walking together on the beaten path and him reaching out for my hand.  i belong.  i am loved.  i am needed.  

because brad is braver than me and i pride myself as a chicken  someone older and wiser (no comment please), i decided that him surfing would be the best choice, because there was no way i was going to die by a shark bite or drowning in the 20 foot waves.  instead i would be his loving and supportive wife and stand aside while he had all the glory and take his picture (aka...jessica is a scaredy cat), i led him to believe that it was wiser for us just to spend the money on him (not "are you crazy...i don't want to DIE before i've been married a week!?")

"sure honey, i think it would be fun to surf, but you just do it.  i want to take your picture.  i love you."

convincing, huh?

he bought it and went on about his merry way.

sucker!...i mean, surfer!

after a little stroll through the little village where his lessons were, i found him with thirty of his other closest friends, young and old trying their best to paddle, paddle, paddle, pop! and get up to standing to surf...  

and as i walked up, there he was up on his surfboard catching a wave like he was a pro.  

after about ten minutes, he caught sight of me and he did this...

he threw his hand in the air and waved at me.  and then i waved back, then he blew me a kiss and i gave him the thumbs up sign.  

and that folks, might have been my very favorite moment of the entire week.  

acknowledgement.  i belong to her.  she belongs to me.

it will be a moment i remember for the ret of my life.

as busy and as in the moment as he was, he was not too busy for me.

**and take note of that 20 ft. water he is STANDING in...

you make me feel like somebody loved...
-the weepies

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