instagram friday.

i'm teaming up with life rearranged for instagram friday, its a good good day.  
1.  i had to be at work at 4:50 am the other morning, and let me just tell you...the only thing good about being at work at 4:50 am is...well, nothing.  but i was awake enough to see the pretty moon smiling at me, so i leaned out the car window with my phone and got this.  okay, maybe i wasn't awake if i was hanging out my car window taking pictures.  i can't win.

2.  i have had a loooong week at work this week, and it only  because lil bit is as free as a bird apparently without a care in the world.  i love that girl.

3.  so how much do love summertime?  yes, me too.

4.  this was my bed partner all week, while i was working.  and before you say..."oh he's so sweet..."  just so you know...HE SNORES.

5.  i made tuna steaks for brad one night for dinner, and i was all excited about our yummy steaks, veggies and rice...well, he was having rice.  (i am crying a little inside as i write this...) i can't have rice because i am on the first phase of the 17 day diet so i was excited about the protein and veggies.  i really was, okay? but then the electricity went out for two hours. so brad had a tuna steak and a peanut butter sandwich.  i had a tuna steak and a game of candy land outside in the 3,000,000,000 degree tennessee weather.  it was bliss i tell ya.  oh happy day.

6.  bird watching.  really its just lil bit trying to put the moves on mr. bwad because she loves him to death.  "birt birt bwad!"

7.  does it get cuter than this???  i mean, COME ON!

8.  wednesday i took some pictures of my good friend, kara's, precious baby girl.  and instagram had to make an appearance too.  i just can't help myself.

9.  this is what a week of camp does to a six year old boy.

hope everyone has had a great week!  
what was the BEST thing you did this week, that made your day?

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Karla said...

Great pictures! I feel you pain with a long work week! I wasn't at work at 4:50 am but did have a couple 10+ hour days this week! Tuna steaks are pretty good! Hope you have a relaxing weekend!

jessica said...

ten hour days are long ones! i am a nanny and worked friday am til wednesday...the parents were on a i have you beat! :-)) hope you have a great saturday!!!

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