i chest bumped adrian grenier.

my best thoughts happen when i am over tired and i am laying in bed trying to go to sleep.  since i now sleep with a boy nightly, i listen to his breathing over and over and over again and i am happy that i am laying next to love.  but also, he is asleep!  i am not...i am laying there thinking...usually it goes like this, "oh crap, i should write about that."  and then i write it in my head and it sounds spectacular and then i wake up and forget that i wrote a story in my the night before until i am really busy and in the middle of something that i can't stop and the thought comes to me that i forgot to write the spectacular-ness, and then you get average.  and i am sorry, if i slept with my computer at night...oh the tales i could tell!

i'm talking too much.  

it's really just my way of apologizing for forgetting to tell you all about this that happened so long ago.  i might have mentioned it when i was day dreaming and wrote this blog, but i didn't really tell you.

but, here, let me.  

in november of 2008, my best friend bessie and i went on a cruise.  {be still my heart...i long to go on another soon}  we left out of miami and were gone for a week, it was heaven.  for a week.  

let me back up a little though, being a fan of the show entourage since it first aired, and naturally a bigger fan of adrian grenier (this was pre-brad, it's okay if i liked another boy, people) because well...
hello!  you are a fan too.  i mean, he is pretty.  let's all be honest.  my lord.

comercial break over.  back to my original thought.

we got to miami to see the sites a day early and stayed downtown at a really swanky hotel because that's how we roll and priceline gave it to us for way cheap...is the real reason.  as we were walking into the hotel after a long day of travel and had just been out to get dinner - i was walking up the stairs into the hotel and suddenly i ran chest to chest with adrian grenier.

i chest bumped adrian grenier.  beat that.

let me reapeat.  i chest bumped adrian grenier!!!

and because i am nice, i looked up at him and then really LOOKED at him and heard ahhhhhh in the sing song voice playing in the back ground in all the movies when something great is happening and said, "oh excuse me.  i'm sorry."  and when we locked eyes, i realized it was in fact him.  

he was with an entourage (i crack myself up) and was in a hurry, hence the running into me.  the nerve.  really.  oh but, thank you soooo much for running into me.

all i remember after that was my mouth not closing for ten minutes and then once i regained composer and straightened my shirt, shaking bessie and saying, "did you know who that was?  oh my gosh!  did you know who that was?  oh my gosh!"

she new who he was.

so, pretty much we are friends now.  be still my beating heart.

and today is the day that i remembered to tell you the story that i wrote in my head last night in bed and midnight.  

you are welcome.  i promise to do better.

(i said all that to say...tonight when you are snuggled up on the couch for your weekly dose of this guy, remember, he and i...well, we are best friends.  be jealous.  please?)


Darla said...

haha! That would've been so awesome! I love those little moments in life. By the way I must admit to delurking you a little bit ... you have joined my mostly-daily blog read list (which isn't that long due to a heinously busy schedule.)
Thanks for the blog read!!

jessica dukes said...

i know, those moments are the best...and still to this day, i am like "did that really happen???" and yes, he was just as pretty in person!

girlll...you delurk all you want and read away, and thank you for reading and liking me enough to add to your mostly daily list! i have one of those list too. :-)

i promise to keep you entertained! :-)

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

That's a fantastic celebrity story! And I knew *exactly* what you mean - I write brilliant things while trying to fall asleep and each night I swear I'm going to remember them the next day!

jessica dukes said...

Megan! I have two today that I keep thinking about...like "man what was that I thought of last night???". Because they were great ideas. Haha. Love your blog!

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