pancreatitis, gallstones - oh my!

if you've been following my blog for a while, you know my dad has a soft place in my heart.  he is my dad, yes.  but he is also the kindest man i know.  the kindest person i know.  and there probably is not anyone anywhere that has anything to say bad about him.  i dare them actually....

i'm kidding, i'm harmless.  maybe.  just don't talk about my daddy.

he has parkinson's disease and this last year, life has been hard on him, he has gone from being independent to having to rely on my mom more and more.  (at this point if she was telling you this story, she would add in her southern drawl, "and we will be married 50 years in december." even though that has nothing to do with anything.  she told the doctor that this morning when he came in to check on my dad)

i am getting ahead of myself.

dad is in the hospital.  he was having severe pain last night and mom took him to the emergency room at midnight only to discover he has acute pancreatitis and gallstones.  and gallstones IN his pancreas.

go dad!

so he's in a lot of pain.  i took the day off and went to see dad and check on things.  i don't go home enough and it makes me fool guilty when i do go that i haven't been there enough.  and then i decided to do better and i get so carried away in my life, in my things, in my schedule that i don't make enough time for my parents.  it's selfish and i could do better.

if things go according to plan and his pancreas begins to heal as it should, he should be able to have gallstone surgery on wednesday or thursday.

so if you are a praying kind of person, say a prayer for my dad tonight when you think of morrison lane, because he could use it.

p.s.  my dad takes a lot of medicine for his parkinsons disease including two patches that help with his memory since he is in the advanced stages of the disease.  today when the nurse asked him if he had his patches on, he whispered, "i've got patches on my jeans."  and mom said, "NO ROY, she meant your medicine patches!!!"  he said, "i know, i was being funny."

goodness, i love that man.
so this picture was lost and then found lost and then found, then color and black and white, then color then black and white and then something happened to the quality of dad's eyes in the picture.  ignore the quality, just look at the sweetness.

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