the green lantern comes to visit...and girls are HOT.

after doing some things around the house the other day, i walked in the little fellas room to check on them and this is what i found.
guilty and sweet:  washing his mask off before he got in trouble for writing all over his sweet face.
green lantern and proud:  no guilt here for absolutely recreating green lantern on his physical body.
and they have more dress up costumes than your average barbie doll, but no green lantern, so he had to take matters into his own hands (literally).  i was so shocked and so in awe of the talent (if i do say so myself) and the creativity that i could not stop taking pictures.  

could.  not.  stop.  
 their grandmother had taken them to see the green lantern movie only the week before and they only made it through about twenty minutes before they had to leave because it was too scary for two six year olds, so they became more obsessed with green lantern than they...really he...was previously.
 i also went to see green lantern with the one and only mr. bwad.
i always tell them when i go and see a superhero movie because i suddenly get waaaay cooler.  it really is amazing the cooler i have gotten since the addition of mr. bwad into my life.
a few days after the masked fellas art work, we were snuggled up on the couch together and 
he said, "you know, the green lantern is so cool."
knowing he had to leave after twenty minutes, i said, "yeah, and i loved the ending, it was awesome.'
without missing a beat, he said, "i know!  that was the best part, it was sooo cool"
then, "what happened again, i forgot!  sometimes i just forget..."

hahahahahaha  hahahaha ha

i didn't know either for i had wondered off at that point and was thinking about my next blog post, and twiddling my hair.
 a few days after green lantern moved into our house, we were doing something and
he said, "sometimes i say girls are hot."
without missing a beat, i said, "oh really?  what does that mean?"
he said, "well, jay (his 14 year old cousin) and i say that sometimes. like if you see a big girl, she is hot."
"ohhhh, so do you think your little sister is hot?" trying to be oblivious without laughing at him.
"no, ms.  jessica!  she is little.  you only say it when you see big girls.  you know, like, you probably think mr. bad is hot."

oh okay.  got it.
 that same afternoon, he used lame in a sentence correctly.

all photos were taken with my phone.

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